Satellite presents Born Again [Again], an exhibition of video, photographs, and performance by Los-Angeles-based artist Young Joon Kwak in her first ever exhibition in the Korean peninsula.

Young Joon Kwak’s radical vision examines the body in a state of constant transformation. Kwak explores the body as an unknowable monstrosity—made of amorphous fragments that come together, fall apart, mutate, and multiply, only to loop again, endlessly dying and being born anew. This body signals a move away from common representations of race, gender, sexuality, and class, resisting linearity, coherency, and permanence. As Donna Haraway notes in her Cyborg Manifesto (1985), the struggle is to see, think, and feel from multiple perspectives at once, without settling on a fixed image: the grotesque and the beautiful, male and female, erotic and austere, organic and inorganic—because each reveals both dominations and possibilities unimaginable from the opposite vantage point.

At the opening reception, Kwak will perform as Xina Xurner (pictured below), a musical/performance collaboration developed with artist Marvin Astorga. Xina Xurner is a drag queen monster diva, combining a variety of musical styles, power electronics, and vocal distortion to create sad and exuberant diva-dance anthems driven by sweat, sex, death, and ultimately, transformation.

Young Joon Kwak (b. 1984, New York, NY) is a Los Angeles-based trans-disciplinary artist. She has exhibited extensively across the US in group and solo exhibitions, most recently at Commonwealth & Council (LA), in September 2014. Kwak is also a co-founder of Mutant Salon, a traveling experimental space for art, beautification, self-care, collaboration and community, that is equal parts beauty salon, green room and performance venue. Kwak received her MFA from USC Roski School of Art & Design, MA from the University of Chicago, and BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Xina Xurner, 2014 born again

Born Again [Again]
Young Joon Kwak
November 8th – December 13th, 2014

Opening Reception & Performance:
Saturday, November 8th, 6 – 9 pm

29 Usadan-ro 14-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-893

Exhibition Hours:
Wednesday – Saturday, 5 pm – 12 midnight