ONE AND J. Gallery’s newest exhibition ‘the moments’ is running from November 28 until December 18, 2012.

This duo exhibition will feature the works of Jang Minseung and Jung Jaeil. Jang Minseung is an artist and designer who has been experimenting capabilities of music as visual art. Jung Jail is a composer with a deep understanding of classical music and traditional Korean music.

“We decided to share with each other our feelings about the winter 2009 – 2010, and to capture the moment when we see eye to eye about those feelings.”

“Like the image of the sea that appears static when viewed from afar yet endlessly moving when examined from close, the moment when we see eye to eye about the emotions that we get to feel each and every moment of our lives is what we decided to record in the mode that is the most familiar to us, respectively, i.e., photography (light) and music (sound).

More info on the website.