We asked photographer Aaron Choe to put together a playlist using one of his photo series as inspiration. His series, called Funky Forest, was taken in various mountains around Seoul. His musical selections and commentary are below. If you like these songs you can also find Aaron on TBS radio every night and Funky Forest is currently on exhibition at Decade shop.

1.  Funky Forest OST – Chinese Reggae Song

“I don’t know of the title of this one but I added it because well it was in the movie that I named my series after. The plot of the film is a bit all over the place but I had so much fun watching it. Plus, Kase Ryo was so cute in this scene.”


2.  Fishmans – Running Man

“Had to add this song. There’s a co-op cafe that I help out at sometimes called Kuchu Camp in Hongdae and that place is where I feel like I started to really get close with a lot of Korean people. Everyone there is so nice and it’s like a second home for me. It started out as an online community based around this band Fishmans, a Japanese dub band from the 90’s. The bar and the music has been a huge influence for me.”


3.  The Bees – No Trophy

“Another reggae song from the UK band the Bee’s, also known in the US as A Band of Bees. My friend Nils Clauss’ introduced me to this one. From 2002, but it sounds like it could be from the 60’s.”


4.  Bjork – Miss You (Remix)

“Darker picture matched up with a darker track. The original is great but the rap verse on this version by Rodney P, UK MC, formerly of the London Posse, gives it a really nice New Jack swing kind of vibe.”


5.  Projections & Woolfy – Neeve (Permanent Vacation Tropical Heat Mix)

“Something a bit tribal now from the Projections & Woolfy collaboration series. This pic [see photo at top] is of some edible treats non-psychedelic treats that we gathered.  Acorns, chinese peppercorns and mushrooms. Dustin knows a lot about mushrooms so I trust him when it comes to finding stuff to eat in the forest. I got to try wild pine freshly cracked opened from a pine cone that I’ll never forget that flavor. Bright and citrusy and much, much better than any pine nut that I’ve ever eaten.”


6.  Hugh Masekala – Don’t Go Lose it Baby

“I was shocked when I learned that this song was from 1984. So much energy in this one from one of South Africa’s greatest musicians of all the time. Plus the video’s fantastic. Hugh’s the one laying it down on the trumpet.”


7.  Ocelote Rojo – Untitled # 1

“I had to bring things way down after that last one. Ocelote Rojo is a producer from Chile and the rain samples in this track really make you feel like you’re in a South American rain forest.  Most of the mushrooms photos had to be taken actually a few days after it rains because that’s when mushrooms grow. No moisture means no mushrooms so I timed my trips accordingly.”


8.  Sunkyeol – Aphex Convention

“Amazing band featuring Kyoungmo Kim that I think really compliments this picture. You can pick up this EP titled “EP” on Itunes or at most of the indie music shops in Korea. Kyoungmo is also one of the owners of the underground music venue Lowrise, one of my favorite places to see up and coming acts in Korea. People who complain about there not being a “good” music here have to check this place out. Some of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life were at this place.”


9.  Kim Il Du – What is Love?

“Here’s a clip of a performance taken at Lowrise of Kim Il Du. He’s, IMO, the most exciting artist in Korea right now. From Busan, he also plays in the punk band genius. Sings in both English and Korean, his lyrics are so honest and beautiful matched with his equally stunning guitar playing. Please just see him live. <3 Il Du hyung!”


10.  EGO – WRAPPIN’ – Wherever You May Be

“This song doesn’t really match the photo but I chose it anyways. I listen to it almost every day and became immediately obsessed with it after hearing it first at the old vintage shop Gya-ha-ha (RIP.) It’s a cover of a song by the Determinations, with vocals added. I love how it sounds like something from the 40’s or 50’s. Really romantic.”


11.  Bonobos – あの言葉、あの光

“Apparently I look like the singer of this band. One of the people at Kuchu Camp told me this the first time I went there. Anyways, Bonobos are a Japanese band from Osaka fronted by a Zainichi Korean singer. They’ve played at Kuchu Camp before and I heard they were incredible.  Looking forward to seeing them sometime.”


12.  Scenic – Another Sky (The Magician Remix)

“One of my favorite tracks from 2011 but I discovered it last year. Super catchy with a really uplifting break and I usually play it out when I DJ. Hope that doesn’t give anything away.”


13.  Hanaregumi – Jamaica Song

“Last song.  This is a cover of the Booker T Jones classic by Hanaregumi from Japan. The Kuchu Camp crew will be going to Chiba and Tokyo, Japan at the end of February to co-host a weekend long event with Cafe Stand and Hanaregumi is scheduled to play. Lot’s of good music and I’ll be cooking so if you find yourself in Japan at that time please come out! Hope you all enjoyed the pics and music.”