Nina is a dreamy Seoul-based photographer who loves the Han River and dreams of traveling the world.

Hi Nina! It’s been a while since we’ve talked. What are you up to these days?
I’m just having ordinary days. It used to be so horribly freezing cold in Korea at winter time, so I’m focusing on indoor life trying to keep my health because I can’t stand the cold. When it is occasionally cozy, I hang around with people and take pictures. Last week, I went to Sinduri beach which is 3 hours away from Seoul, but mainly during the winter I’m at home, reading books or seeing old nice movies. I’m in hibernation like a bear waiting for nice spring.

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What’s your favorite place in Seoul? Do you have any hidden spots?
Before this interview, I declared I couldn’t find a nice place in Seoul anymore but one cold day, I walked by the Han River alone in the morning and I realized the Han River is still my number one frozen river as it slowly melted. I felt profound relief listening to the little cracking sound.

Your photos are intimate at times. Does it ever make you uncomfortable to share such personal moments? I’m thinking especially of the photos of you and your boyfriend
Not really. Most of my photos came from my experiences without any professional insight or aim. They are my private but unclosed journals for the viewer. I’ve taken pictures of intimate people around me so I’m quite experienced sharing such things. All portraits of my boyfriend are just the same as others to me. Since I met my boyfriend in 2009, he has became a big part of my life. We have been bonding so much over the last few years. I used to meet a few best friends and I spent the rest of my time only with him so I couldn’t show my life without his life. He doesn’t mind showing his portrait so he is sometimes rather a nice model for me. I also try not to upload very private or strong pictures about us. We have a fantastic relationship and we are quite comfortable to share our life with you–I’m going to marry him around the second half of this year. I guess he will come a lot more in my work than he does now!

If money or time was no object–what would be your dream photo series?
ROAD TRIP! It would be so good for me to learn the unknown life. I’d love to capture one day in the life of hotels and b&b’s, wandering every corner abroad…

Thanks for answering my questions! Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for 2013?
I want to collaborate on many projects with passionate young people but also acquire other strengths in 2013. I might challenge myself a lot in many different fields to break through my weaknesses. Now I want to be more professional as a full time photographer.