For this exhibition at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, curators researched young Korean artists in-depth and after interviews, narrowed down a list of 97 artists down to 9. “New Visions, New Voices” tries to focus on the spirit of youthful experimentation in these 9 Korean artists. Our favorites are below.

Ha Daejoon

ha daejoon

Chicken, 2006
188 x 260cm
ink and charcoal on Korean sunji paper

Featured image above: Secret and Fear, 2007

Baak Je

a Towel, 2008

“This project is about absence/presence, meaning of existence and memory. I’m expressing the sense of absence through erasing myself in the old photos of my childhood and creating the places without me. Through this process, the relationship remained between I and something is emphasized. Other elements (voice and editing) are very dry not to be too nostalgic. Even though people might not realize the absence at the first part, they can feel something missing and the sense of absence after seeing original photos and then they can have different feeling from the first when they are seeing the photos again.”

Kim Taedong

Kim Tae Dong

Day Break – 033, 2011.

Check it out–on exhibition until June 23rd.