A new film by Nils Clauss pays homage to the work of Korean craftsman Kim Soo-Young, winner of the YÉOL Award for Craftsman of the Year 2013. It features Korean folk and rock singer, Hahn Dae-soo, reciting an original poem written by Yoon Jiyeong that was inspired by the film footage.

Nils offered me the following summary of his experience:

The film was actually a commissioned work for a Korean Heritage Foundation called YÉOL. They asked me to do a video for an exhibition they will host 14th of March onwards. During the exhibition they will display a set of these finished bowls. This project was actually a collaboration between the craftsman Kim Soo-Young and a product designer called Gio Kisang. The later came up with the design for the bowls. YÉOL gave me a lot of creative freedom for the film. They only suggested that I film in the workshop of the craftsman. When I saw the images of fire and smoke, I felt it would be nice to juxtapose them with winter images. This is why I chose to go to Taebaek Mountain. I also recorded an interview with the artisan and the product designer, but from the beginning I wanted to create something more abstract and poetic and held on to the idea of adding a poem. The poem was written by a friend of mine. She saw the video with music only and was inspired to write something.