Jungjin Lee’s large, black-and-white landscape pictures were shot in Israel and the West Bank, predominantly in the Southern desert regions and the Negev desert. Jungjin Lee developed the idea for this project in 2010, when the curator of the Metropolitan Museums of Art New York Jeff Rosenheim asked her to participate in a four-year photo project titled “This Place” in Israel and Palestine.

From 2010 to 2012 she travelled to Israel and the West Bank four times, each time staying for a month to be able to get to know the region and take photos. She initially travelled with an assistant, from 2011 on she went on her own. In the desert she finally found what she defines as the central element of her work: a sense of solitude. This is almost palpable, but in the best sense of the word.

Unnamed Road
©Jungjin Lee, Unnamed Road 086, 3/7, 62 .2 x 11.7 cm, Inkjet Print
©Jungjin Lee,  Unnamed Road 003, 3/7, 62 .2 x 11.7 cm, Inkjet Print
©Jungjin Lee,
Unnamed Road 003, 3/7, 62 .2 x 11.7 cm, Inkjet Print

Since working as a photo artist, Lee’s works have been created in an elaborate procedure in a darkroom. She painstakingly applies liquid, light-sensitive emulsion, so-called “Liquid Light” onto a large sheet of handmade Korean rice-paper. The images sink into the paper and contrasts blur, creating a surface quality that gives the motifs a unique depth and feel.

In her series “Unnamed Road” Lee expands her creative process for the first time, combining printing with digital editing to heighten the contrasts. The final photograph is still made in the darkroom however.

Magic, mystic, meditative


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