From 18 July – 20 October, Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art will present Calder, a grand retrospective of works by Alexander Calder (1898–1976), the American artist who transformed the history of art with his use of unconventional materials and his dramatic re-imagining of space.

WI_1928__Rearing Stallion
Rearing Stallion, 1928

This exhibition will showcase over 100 works by the artist, spanning from the 1920s through the 1970s. This is the first large-scale retrospective of Calder’s work in Korea–a rare opportunity to experience his work over the span of 50 years.

 La Grande vitesse, 1969
La Grande vitesse, 1969

<alt=”S_1931_Coisiere” src=”×1024.jpg”/> Croisière, 1931

Calder’s invention of the mobile liberated sculpture from the pedestal and challenged the idea that the element of mass was one of its necessary constituents, and his relentless innovation and strong creative vision extended beyond the lines of an established genre in art.

Untitled, 1930
Molluscs, 1955
Four Leaves and Three Petals, 1939

Calder grew up in a family of artists; his father and grandfather were both successful sculptors and his mother was a painter. Despite his artistic talent, Calder studied and worked in mechanical engineering before ultimately settling in New York, where he took classes at the Art Students League and created paintings and drawings that will serve as the starting point of this exhibition. In the summer of 1926, Calder moved to Paris where he joined the vibrant community of avant-garde artists, including Piet Mondrian, Joan Miró, Marcel Duchamp, and Jean Arp. Soon after arriving, Calder dedicated himself to sculpting in wire, thereby creating a radically new form of sculpture in which volume is suggested by expressive lines. These investigations of form and action often took the shape of animals and circus performers, as well as portraits of Calder’s friends and figures from popular culture.

Calder in his studio at 14 rue de la Colonie
Calder in his studio at 14 rue de la Colonie, Paris, fall 1931
Calder with 21 feuilles blanches
Calder with 21 feuilles blanches, 1954

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