For those of you fed up with the monotonous clubbing scene in Seoul, this is pretty exciting news.

Multi Seoul, the party promotor who brought us Brenmar, Bok Bok and College, is opening its new venue Cakeshop in Itaewon.

Multi is known for bringing more progressive electronic acts, which is still rare to find in Korea.

Friday night is opening night with local talent Kingmck, Andow, DJ Fenner, Oilcan Boyd and Big Boy Gibbs. London-based DJ XXXY (Ten Thousand Yen/UK) will be playing on Saturday.

Not much has been revealed yet, but we’ve seen the teaser as well as the sign on the building and we must say, it’s quite intriguing.

Cakeshop is located in Itaewon-dong 34-16.

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