The face behind Music People, and one or two DJ monikers, Antoine is deeply embedded in Seoul nightlife. He is responsible for importing great talent to add to the growing electronic scene in Korea with DJs like Toshiya Kawasaki.

Can you tell me a little bit about Music People, how it started, what it is?
Music People produces underground dance music parties, and it aims to introduce international acts and Dj’s in Korea. After promoting parties and booking foreign and local Dj’s for a while, I decided to start Music People last October.

What are your favorite nightlife places in Seoul?
It depends on what’s happening and Seoul is a big city. But only few places are dynamic in terms of “nightlife.” The Hongdae area is more oriented to indie rock. Venues like Veloso, Rolling Hall or more intimate spots like Strange fruit and Kuchucamp are really good. For dance music, Itaewon is more developed in terms of a club scene. My favorites include Mystik, which is for me one of the best clubs in Seoul–the soundsystem is amazing and if you dig techno and deep house music that’s the spot. There is a new venue called Cakeshop which opened a few months ago, where the music and party style is more diverse. I will host a new party called The Dance Society on January 19th at Cakeshop. I’m really looking forward to it!

If money was no object, what DJ would you love to bring to Korea?
Well there are many, but it wouldn’t necessarily be the biggest name or most expensive DJ; I find that the ones who are not mainstream are the true artists. I would love to bring DJs like Levon Vincent, who is a master in mixing techno and house music; Move D, who i recently saw spinning back to back with Optimo at the Boiler room TV; and Dj’s like Andrew Weatherall and Ivan Smagghe would be great to book over here, just too many in mind…

Photo by Aaron Choe
Photo by Aaron Choe

You’re from France. How does the Seoul music scene compare to Paris?
It’s not really comparable, even though Paris is not the most exciting city in terms of the electronic music scene, Seoul doesn’t have the same club culture history as Europe or any western country; the city has a lot to catching up to do but not just in music. If you look back 3 or 4 decades ago, Seoul was still a third world country–poorer than countries like Ghana. Now look how wealthy this place is–it’s unbelievable how fast the economy has grown here. Seoul has the potential to be a major cultural city, and with a new generation aware of what’s happening abroad I hope it will one day be as interesting as any other place in the world–we just need more people involved in quality content with shows, art and music.

This is your mix/playlist (download below). Can you describe it for us? What are we listening to?
Yes, it’s what i am listening at the moment. That’s my Ipod favorites pick.

1. JardinActress

“Beautiful dark, mellow electronica and techno music by English producer Actress.”

2. Analysis – Surface Tension

“This is from a compilation made by Trevor Jackson about 80’s classics and rare industrial electronic track.”

3. Beat N Other PAth – Cage and Aviary

“Spacy, electro disco tune produced by the UK duo Cage and Aviary from their album Migration released on International last year.”

4. Kill For Love – Chromatics

“I always liked Chromatics since their first album Night Drive, influenced by Italian’s dance pop music and 80’s vintage synthesizers, the lyrics are always really mellow and romantic…”

5. Tacky Stuff – Dj Nature

“Dj Nature’s debut album, the return of the Savage on Golf Channel recording. This is a slow groovy beat, heavy baseline with jazz elements and RnB vocals. I Love this track…”

6. Watermelon Man – Herbie Hancock

“A standard jazz song by jazz master Herbie Hancock.”

7. Fuck U all The Time – Jeremih

“A morning love song?”

8. Rainstorm II – Levon Vincent

“From his Fabric mix compilation, amazing track with a funky baseline and raw techno beats. Elected best mix of 2012 on Resident Advisor.”

9. Fetsum Denq Ledj Nèsh

“Mahmoud Ahmed – some beautiful 70’s Ethiopian music.”

10. Rap Your Love – Set The Tone

“80’s Funk!”

11. Strawberry Letter 23 – Shuggie Otis

“This one goes to my roommate Sam who introduced me to Shuggie Otis before he left the winter in korea and its -15°, a christmas presents to keep me warm i guess…”

Photo by Aaron Choe
Photo by Aaron Choe

What’s the worst part about DJing in Korea? The best part?
Sometimes you have to be careful about the music you will play because people here are more used to upbeat and mainstream electro music, but Koreans definitely like dancing and partying, so that comes to the best part: when all good elements are together in synch–music, venue, soundsystem and interesting people.

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